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I'm glad you made it to my website. Here you will get an extended insight into my activities.
On the right side you will find more information about me and my past events.

My name is Julian and I am known under the name - Yunkyy - on the Internet. Already at a young age, I was interested in technology and computers. I started playing DOS games on my father's computer. After i got my first own computer i continued playing computer games on WIN95. A few years later LAN parties became more and more popular and so I slowly but steadily slipped into the world of electronic sports.

Since I spent a lot of time at different lan parties with my friends I became more and more addicted to electronic sports. I started to play in online competitive leagues, was working as a team manager, coach and project manager for different gaming organisations.

I really love to play videogames and after a short professional break, i started as a variety streamer on Twitch in 2015 till now. I'm playing different first-person shooter, survial, battleroyale and other genres.

In 2017 I got involved in a partnership with a WWF polar bear and adapted my design after that. The partnership still exists today.

Currently I am working for the following companies:
- as Discord moderator
- 1st-U Management Agentur as Influencer Manager
- as PUBG coach
- as tournament organizer

If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask me in streamchat or write me a message on my social media channels.

Important information: My name associates nothing with drugs or similar things!
Proffesion:    office manager, studying Industrial Engineering
Hobbies:eSport, paintball, photography
Other:WWF polarbeargodfather

WORKING FOR: // Discord moderator // PUBG coach
1st-U Management Agentur // Influencer Manager // tournament organizer

07/2019 ComputerBildSpiele: eSport: Coaching für Spieler
07/2019 Print ComputerBildSpiele: eSport: Coaching für Spieler
05/2019 Pixel Blah - Pixel_Maniacs
04/2019 TwitchCon Berlin - NerdStarTV
04/2019 TwitchCon Berlin - YAGER Dev
03/2019 Interview with
07/2018 GamerLegion PGI

SpendenDose 3,4 & 5 // charity project, streamer
BAAL // PUBG events, player
Loots Royale // PUBG events, player, moderator


08/19 German Castle Con 2019
08/19 Gamescom 2019
06/19 CCXP Cologne
04/19 TwitchCon Europe
02/19 DreamHack Leipzig
12/18 NorthCon // tournament organisator, streamer supervisor
11/18 StreamCon
08/18 Gamescom // GamerLegion Hall 5.1
07/18 PGI Berlin // visitor + Interview ZDF
12/17 NorthCon // tournament organisator, streamer supervisor
08/16 ESL Arena powered by Twitch
12/13 NorthCon // tournament organisator
12/12 NorthCon // tournament organisator

09/10 Intel Friday Night Game Season 17 Berlin
06/10 ESL Pro Series Finals 16 Cologne
05/10 Intel Friday Night Game Season 16 Munich
05/10 Intel Friday Night Game Season 16 Bremen
04/10 Intel Friday Night Game Season 16 Hamburg
06/09 ESL Pro Series Germany Finals 14 Cologne
05/09 Intel Friday Night Game Season 14 Hannover
05/09 Intel Friday Night Game Season 14 Hamburg
03/09 Intel Extreme Masters III Finals Hannover
03/08 Intel Extreme Masters II Finals Hannover
till 2008 different local LAN Parties

4th place ESL Pro Series 14 Finals (CS 1.6, team manager)
Intel Extreme Masters Season IV Europe Counter-Strike Championship (CS 1.6, team manager)

played and manged different Teams:
Team Steelseries, BLUEJAYS, YDK.ME, a-Losers, BHK Clan e.V, Ocrana